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Social Practice 

Marcelle Cavazos's social practice work revolves around the need for vulnerability in our society and what that vulnerability can look like in different forms as well as what it can do to our society as a whole. She uses a variety of materials and methods to create site-specific installations and pop-ups to build a dialogue about our societies social dynamics. 

Cafecito Con Pan 

Cafecito con pan evolved out of the concept of resting, socializing, and activating the inner child. The term translates into “little coffee with bread” but in general it is meant as an affectionate phrase, simply meaning fresh coffee with sweet bread. While one is eating and drinking, they are contemplating deeply and having conversations with family and friends. We do this in the hopes of demonstrating the need to slow down and take in the day’s events, as well as setting in motion the childlike wonder we all inhibit when sitting down inside on the floor, taking in the visuals and the comfort of a familiar, collective memory of childhood fortresses.

Ofrenda 2022

Influenced by her own tragic loss during COVID-19 and her Mexican American background, Cavazos created a site-specific sculpture to promote the memorialization of those who have passed. Members of the Huntsville community were invited to come and contribute to the Ofrenda by bringing their own offerings and photographs of their departed, regardless of whether or not they were affected by the pandemic. Participants were also invited to participate in the making of papel picado, sugar skulls, and face painting to continue the tradition of remembering our loved ones in celebration rather than in sadness.

Traveling Social Pharmacy

Social Pharmacy has been activated in different locations across Sweden, New Brunswick, NJ; and in Huntsville, TX. Traveling Social Pharmacy is an iteration of the project Social Pharmacy produced by Jody Wood that seeks to directly engage participants as collaborators rather than observers in a critique of our current health system. Members of the Huntsville community were invited to take a custom-made remedy home with them and contribute a new recipe to the project. Remedies such as the use of a stiff bristle hairbrush to alleviate mild migraines, and repeated encouraging words as a relief to diminish anxiety were demonstrated in a variety of venues and audiences.

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